What is Grapher Preview?

In the past, Grapher's release has looked something like this: internal alpha testing, beta testing amongst a subset of users, and then release to the general public. Beginning with Grapher 14 though, we have done away with beta in favor of a 'preview track'. There are no specific questions to answer or workflows to try, we just ask that you use the preview version in your day-to-day work and let us know of any issues you encounter or any features you've found that don't work as expected.

Anyone with active maintenance will be able to use the new features earlier and for longer than the 6-8 week beta, and they can stay on this preview track rather than switching back and forth between the release version and the pre-release version.

This win-win scenario allows the user to try out the new features for free at any time, and keep using them through release if desired, and it allows us to open up these pre-release features to a wider user-base, so the final release is more stable and is more of a reflection of the features the users want.

If you're interested in participating in the preview track, see these resources:


Updated October 15, 2018

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