What is software maintenance and why should I renew?

Software maintenance ensures you receive the most up-to-date versions of Golden Software's Surfer or Grapher products.

We include your first year of maintenance when you purchase a new product license of Surfer or Grapher. Thereafter, renew your annual software maintenance to receive the below benefits: 

  • New releases: Receive free upgrades to new versions. New versions include feature enhancements, improved performance, as well as new functionality. 
  • Training discounts: Receive 50% off all of our live training classes
  • Priority notifications: Be among the first to know about exclusive Golden Software deals and promotions.
  • Beta program/Preview track: Be the first to use new features in the beta/preview versions of our software.
  • Predictable budgeting: Include predictable annual payments into your budget planning cycle.

If you are more than three years past your renewal date, you will need to purchase a new software license. The price of your new software license includes one free year of maintenance. 


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Updated December 31, 2018

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