What is Grapher Beta and how can I participate?

Grapher Beta is an unreleased version of Grapher, distributed for feedback and testing purposes only. It gives you a sneak-peek of upcoming Grapher features and the chance to provide feedback on the new features and report any issues. Active maintenance on your Grapher license allows you exclusive access to Grapher Beta. 

Run Grapher Beta as a stand-alone installation using your current Grapher license, or install Grapher Beta alongside your current Grapher software. There are no specific questions to answer or workflows to try, we just ask that you use the Beta version in your day-to-day work and let us know of any issues you encounter or any features you've found that don't work as expected. Please email us with any concerns, suggestions or feedback at graphersupport@goldensoftware.com

Check out the pre-release features currently available in Grapher Beta here: What's New in Grapher Beta?


Who can use it?

There's no sign-up necessary to try out Grapher Beta, you just need to download and install the Beta build. If you have a Grapher license under active maintenance, you will be able to use the Beta build in lieu of, or in addition to, your current version of Grapher until your maintenance expires. Grapher Beta is not available to Trial users or customers with expired maintenance.

  • If you have a Grapher license that has expired maintenance, you will need to purchase a maintenance renewal to use Grapher Beta.
  • If you have an old Grapher license that does not have maintenance, you will need to purchase a new license to enroll in software maintenance and use Grapher Beta. 
  • If you are currently using the Grapher Trial then you will need to purchase a Grapher license to access Grapher Beta.

Please refer to the following article for restrictions on Beta use: Grapher Beta: Terms & Conditions


How can I download Grapher Beta?

  1. Navigate to the Golden Software My Account page.
  2. In the Returning Customer section, type in your Email Address and Password then click Log In. If you have not logged into My Account before, or can't recall your password, follow the instructions here to set up a new password for the email address your license is registered to.
  3. Click the gold My Products button.
  4. Click your active Grapher license to expand that section.
  5. In the Grapher block, click the Downloads link on the left.
  6. Click the Download Grapher Beta link to download the software


  1. Once the file is completely downloaded, double click on the file to install the program.
  2. You are first asked if you want to uninstall your current version of Grapher (if you have this version installed). Do not check this check box, just click Next. You can still have your current version of Grapher installed on the same computer as Grapher Beta, and you are welcome to continue using the current version of Grapher if you need to.
  3. After the software is fully installed, open the program.


All you need to do is install and run Grapher Beta. If you install Grapher Beta on the same computer as your existing Grapher software, you will not need to activate your product key again or make any other changes to your license. If you install Grapher Beta on a new computer, you can activate the license using your existing Grapher product key.

If you have any questions about licensing, or encounter any problems, please contact licensesupport@goldensoftware.com.



Once you have the Grapher Beta version installed, we will release periodic updates to the Beta software, which you can install using the File | Online | Check for Update command. Please follow the Grapher Beta Version History page or click File | Options, click the Updates page in the General section on the left, and verify Automatically check for updates is checked to be notified when an update is released.

Software updates will also be available through the Notifications panel inside Grapher Beta.


We want your feedback!

We would love to hear your feedback on any of the new features and functionality in Grapher Beta! Please email graphersupport@goldensoftware.com at any time with feedback or problem reports. You're also welcome to comment on existing articles with any questions or comments you have, or any problems you encounter.


Updated February 2023

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