Security compliance update for Surfer, Grapher, Strater, and License Administrator

For improved security and compliance, we upgraded the server that hosts all Golden Software product key licenses on January 10, 2022, and again on January 1, 2023. These upgrades results in previously released versions of our software losing the ability to communicate with the Golden Software's activation server to activate, update or deactivate your licenses.

Golden Software has released updates for all product key versions of Surfer, Grapher, Strater, and the Golden Software License Administrator and License Manager.  

To maintain the ability to deactivate/activate without contacting customer support, the versions of each product listed below should be installed. 

  • Surfer - 24+, 23.4, 22.3, 21.3, 20.4, 19.4, 18.3, 17.3, 16.8
  • Grapher - 20+, 19.4, 18.4, 17.6, 16.9, 15.5, 14.6
  • Strater - 5.9
  • License Administrator - 3.1, 4.1+
  • License Manager 9.7+

To update Surfer, Grapher, or Strater click File | Online | Check for Updates, or download the latest version from your My Account portal using these instructions: Download my software online

To update the License Administrator on the license server, open the Golden Software License Administrator program, select the Settings page, then click the Check for program updates button.


If you choose not to update, you will need to request an offline activation to activate and you will only be able to deactivate online from your My Account portal. See the resources below: 




Below are common errors you will see if you are not running one of the above versions with a product key license for each license type: 

Single-user Surfer, Grapher, Strater

Concurrent-use License Administrator

  • You must have Internet access to activate your license. Confirm that you are connected to the Internet, then retry or see this article for more information.
  • Unable to complete activation. Please contact Golden Software support.

  • Unable to contact the activation server. Check your Internet connection.
  • Unable to activate the product key. Cannot contact the activation server at You must have internet access to perform this action. 
  • Unable to update the license. This license may have been added manually rather than activated online. To request an updated license, email and include your product key.

  • One or more of your licenses were activated by a different activation server and will not appear in the list of licenses available for deactivation.  


Updated March 16, 2023

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