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  • Orion R
    Orion R

    Hey folks, just stumbled upon this tutorial and thought I'd share my two cents on transferring Golden Software to a new computer. Been through this drill a couple of times, and here's the simplified version for you.

    Firstly, deactivate the license from the original computer, either through the Control Panel or their My Account portal. If you don't have an account, make one – it's a lifesaver.

    Next, uninstall the program from the old computer using the Control Panel. If your tech is still hanging in there, good. If not, grab the installer from the Golden Software website or your account.

    Now, onto the new rig. Install the program using the EXE file and activate the license. If you're solo, punch in your product key; if it's a team effort, connect to the license server.

    For serial numbers (the XX-XXXXXX-XXXX format), simpler game. Uninstall from the old, grab the installer from My Account or shoot them an email if it's Jurassic. Install on the new one using the CD or EXE file, and input your serial number.

    Hope this helps, Golden Software peeps. 

    Also, this scheme may not only work for Golden Software, it also works for many other software like this: https://andersenlab.com/project-cases/internal-management-system-for-tourism


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