Welcome to Grapher Beta!

Welcome to Grapher Beta! We greatly appreciate your time and attention in helping us make Grapher the best possible program for you.

This knowledge base space is visible to everyone. Please be sure to use this space, and not the regular Grapher space, for communication about Grapher Beta.

As long as you have active maintenance, you can download and install Grapher Beta from your My Account portal at any time. You may continue using Grapher Beta for as long as you have active maintenance. Simply download and install Grapher Beta and use it in your daily tasks, or specifically for testing purposes.


Important information:  

  • Purpose: We are looking for user feedback! The preview track is a way for you to get to use new Grapher software earlier than the release date free of charge, in order to report problems and share your suggestions for feature improvements. 

  • New Features: There are many new features in Grapher Beta. Please familiarize yourself with the new feature set. We would love to hear your feedback on any of the new features and functionality in Grapher Beta, so please feel free to comment on existing articles, email us with any questions or comments you have, or any problems you encounter.

  • Expiration: Please continue use of the Grapher Beta software once the next version of Grapher is released to the general public. Around this time, we will issue an update for the Beta version, with the next feature set is available to test. Once your maintenance expires, you will be able to continue using the version you have, but you will be unable to access the next Beta version when it is updated.  If at any time you choose to go back from Beta to the release version, you will still be able to open GRF/GPJ files created in Grapher Beta, however parts of the GRF/GPJ project related to the Beta features may not be viewable/functional in the release version.

  • Contact: Please comment on the new feature articles in this knowledge base. This includes questions, problems, suggestions, general use comments, advice or anything else. Even if you don't think your comment would be of use/interest to others, it usually will be. You can also email your questions or suggestions to graphersupport@goldensoftware.com 

  • Updates: We will periodically release updates to the Beta software, and announcements for the update will be available via the Notifications panel in Grapher Beta. Updates will also be posted on the  Grapher Preview Version History article.


Thank you in advance for your testing and feedback!


Updated February 2023

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