Grapher Preview Version History

Official version history and changelog information for Grapher Preview.

Grapher Preview 15.0.149 (18 March 2019)

  • Grapher 15 Preview released.

Grapher Preview 14.0.333 (8 March 2019)

  • Fixed a crash when trying to abort the import of an XLSX file with missing sheets
  • Fixed a crash when undoing pasting data into the worksheet
  • Fixed a crash when Grapher encountered an invalid license
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to open a specific Grapher 11 file
  • Fixed a crash when choosing a PDF as a custom fill pattern
  • Fixed a crash when changing the xmin value for a surface function map
  • Fixed the following internal error: Module Grapher, File d:\git\grapher14\grapher\displaylist.cpp, Line 1685, Thread 7980
  • Fixed an internal error when changing the linked text axis title to something invalid
  • Fixed an internal error attempting to import data past the end of the worksheet
  • Fixed an "Unable to load template" error that appeared after closing a template
  • Automation: Fixed a crash when running a script to a breakline and then closing the views that script is using
  • Automation: Added the ability to change the length of a ternary axis
  • Automation: Fixed an issue where deleting a fit curve did not also delete the linked fit statistics
  • Automation: Fixed an issue where axes title overlapped axis labels when the labels were changed
  • Automation: Fixed a redraw issue with 3D pie/doughnut charts not displaying until slices dialog was entered via the UI
  • Automation: Fixed an issue where MinLabelMode returned the wrong value when set to grfLabelCustom
  • Script Recorder: Fixed an issue where the wrong command was being recorded when changing the size column for 2D bubble plots
  • Script Recorder: Fixed an issue where the wrong command was being recorded when changing certain columns for bubble plots, box plots, stiff plots, and polar bar charts
  • Script Recorder: Reverted plot naming in a recorded script to the plot type rather than the UI plot name to avoid naming conflicts
  • Fixed an issue where an image fill pattern was not retained after closing Grapher
  • Fixed an issue where fill did not follow a line plot line very closely if the line was smoothed
  • Fixed an issue where only two coordinates were recorded when digitizing on a ternary plot
  • Fixed an issue where setting ternary axis limits to specific values failed and issued and incorrect error message
  • Fixed an issue where a specific sample file opened incorrectly if the computer's date/time format did not begin with the month
  • Fixed an issue where a LOESS fit curve was displaying a Span value of 0.1 in the Property Manager when the curve itself was drawn with a Span value of 0.5 
  • Fixed an issue where a duplicated Z axis was not displayed as a Z axis
  • Fixed an issue where the selected node in the Color Gradient dialog didn't update as the Preset colormap was changed
  • Fixed an issue where the fill preview in the Property Manager wasn't properly updating with color and opacity settings
  • Fixed an issue where x and y axes linked titles were not updated when the plot orientation was changed
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalization in a few dialogs and managers
  • Improved column picking when checking and unchecking the Data in rows checkbox for a plot
  • Added the adjustable line spacing in the Property Manager that updates when the computer text Scale is increased

Grapher Preview 14.0.300 (14 January 2019)

  • Added SIGN(X) to function lists used by Transform and function plots
  • Added the option to keep camera rotation in JPG files with EXIF tag
  • Changed behavior so changing a line plot to a bar chart keeps line and fill properties
  • Changed behavior so saving after a fresh install will save by default to GPJ file format (which saves data internal to the file)
  • Improved redraw speed for class scatter plots
  • Fixed a crash when importing a DXF file that has a '%' character in the file name
  • Fixed a crash when triple-clicking one of the plot categories in Home | New Graph
  • Fixed a crash when exporting to a PNG file
  • Fixed an internal error when importing a TIFF with NaN and infinite numbers in the warp parameters
  • Fixed an internal error when importing a DXF file containing a negative line width
  • Fixed an internal error when loading a PLY file with bad node data
  • Fixed an internal error in childfrm.cpp
  • Fixed an error importing a DEM file containing node values greater than the 99999 maximum (Error reading field "Profile index" near offset ...)
  • Fixed an error importing a DXF R12/LT2 file with an incomplete vertex entity
  • Fixed an issue where the Script Recorder was always recording values in inches, regardless of the defined Page Units
  • Fixed an issue where UTM coordinates imported from a Database were changed by -386547.057
  • Fixed an issue where a line with wide dashed lines exported to PDF vector looked solid
  • Fixed an issue where inappropriate auto z axis limits were chosen for a specific graph
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Minimum plot value to fit for a fit curve to a bad number and then changing it back to a good number didn't fix the fit curve
  • Fixed an issue where objects drawn via automation were not positioned properly on the page
  • Fixed an issue where linked text wasn't updating
  • Fixed an issue where date/time tick spacing caused an extra grid line to appear off the end of an axis
  • Fixed an issue where a length field in the Property Manager only had two decimal places where the corresponding W or H field in the in Layout | Size had three decimal places
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a plot with a legend and then undoing leaves the legend empty
  • Fixed an issue where resizing a Durov plot using the handles on the left causes the plot to 'jump'
  • Fixed an issue where symbol fill was not updated by Options or Defaults
  • Removed an extra blank line after Alternate equation in linked statistics for exponential and power fit curves
  • Embedded "File written using Grapher by Golden Software LLC." in exported JPG, PNG, PDF raster, PDF vector, and TIF files for ease of determining where the file was created

Grapher Preview 14.0.262 (30 October 2018)

  • Added support for new Surfer v16 CLR files (CLR v3)
  • Fixed an issue where positions and sizes were reporting incorrectly when page units were metric (centimeters)
  • Fixed an internal error when loading an Esri ASCII grid file with "-nan" for blanked/nodata grid nodes
  • Fixed a crash when creating a grid-based map from a TIF with a custom NoData value
  • Fixed a crash due to a corrupted CLegend object
  • Fixed a "Vector T too long" error when exporting a large raster PDF
  • Fixed an issue where fit curve statistics formatting wasn't applied to linked text via automation
  • Fixed the Move Labels command to work properly for legends and to use the same cursor regardless of how it was enabled

Grapher Preview 14.0.251 (15 October 2018)

  • Grapher 14 Preview released.


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