What's New in Grapher Beta?

The new Grapher Beta is here! Our focus remains on increasing usability, improving workflows to increase time savings, and including the most commonly requested new features. The top new features are listed below.

If you're curious about how these new features can improve your workflow, reach out to our world class technical support team today! 


New Features:

Move or Copy Document Pages

A longtime feature that has existed in Excel is coming to Grapher! Several users have expressed their desire to easily go between Plot Document and Pages on other documents. Now you can do so without a cumbersome copy/ paste maneuver!


Users can leverage this feature to consolidate their “working session” into one document, and split it out into individual documents when they’re done.
  • Right click on any page, click the Move or copy command:


Now users can easily shift around their pages and organize their documents to their hearts desire.


Additional Functionality in this Feature:


  • Ctrl + multi select the source pages to move multiple pages at once

  • Select any open document or create a new document to choose where to move the page(s) to

  • Choose exactly where to insert the new pages by choosing which page to insert them in front of

  • Select between moving the pages or copying them over to their new home by selecting move or copy.

File | Save All

Are you the kind of person who has 100 browser tabs open at once? Then this feature is for you! No bells and whistles, just a straightforward Save All option!


Grapher users can save all open documents at once with this new Save option.



Usability improvements are here!

Discoverability Improvements:

  • Plot Fill Gradient Properties


    Gradient properties were previously hidden inside an accordion and under overridden properties, which confused users.
  • Text Editor Icon


    New users rarely intuited the function of the old Sigma icon Σ. No more room for interpretation!
  • Multi-Plot Graphs

    • Add plot button integrated into the OM

      Users can instantly add plots to any Graph by clicking the familiar green + button! It even turns yellow when your mouse goes over it… New users will now visually grasp this functionality, leading to multi plot Graphs earlier in the user experience!
    • Add plot menu shows all applicable options (previously it was incomplete, while the ribbon menu was)

  • Open Data


    Where previously there was an “import” command, now there is the Open Data command. This now functions identical to Surfers, meeting incoming user expectations
  • File | Open has absorbed the File | Import command! Now you can just open any and all of our supported file types!

  • Quick access menu

    • Quick access to all open options

    • Quick access to all save options

    • Quick access to “options” (now active even from the worksheet window, along with File | Defaults)

Updated March 2024

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