Grapher Beta Version History

Official version history and changelog information for Grapher Beta.

Grapher Beta2 24.0.163 (June 22, 2024)

New Features and Improvements

  • Images: Crop Images
  • New Command: Open in Worksheet
  • Properties: Style: simplify to remove options from name
  • Ribbon: Home: Help: add Support Videos button
  • Ribbon: View: move Display group to right (after Redraw)
  • Surfer and Grapher: 2023 Brand Change work


  • Remap: Changes references across open plot documents
  • Spin control for the axis font size behaving strangely: shrgui::CFieldEdit attempts to access an expired std::weak_ptr

Grapher Beta1 24.0.104 (March 12, 2024)

New Features and Improvements

  • File | Save All to save all open files at once
  • Move or copy Pages: Add option to move/ copy pages between open documents
  • Add Plot: Right-click context menu missing many plot types
  • Change "Descending" option
  • Consistency: Data (Data Tools)
  • Consistency: Features (aka Insert)
  • Consistency: File menu
  • Consistency: Graph Tools
  • Consistency: Home
  • Consistency: Layout
  • Consistency: QAT
  • Consistency: View
  • File | Open to import an image/graphic to the plot window (absorbing File | Import)
  • File: Defaults should be enabled when Worksheet window is active
  • File: Options should be enabled when Worksheet window is active
  • Import: Replace the old Import command (now merge) with an Open Data Command
  • Insert | Image Editing: commands in this group aren't just for images
  • Legend: Add Reorder/ Select Entries to right click context menu
  • Legend: Add/remove multiple entries at once in Entries dialog
  • Legend: Reset to entry defaults checkbox redesign
  • Make IAutoPlotWindow::ShowBitmaps automation property hidden
  • Make multi-plot graphs / adding plot options more discoverable
  • Move or Copy Pages: Don't include the "Page 1" when moving a page to a new document
  • Move or Copy Pages: Include dropdown on source side as well
  • Move or Copy Pages: make actions more obvious
  • Plot Fill Properties: Improve discoverability for Gradient options
  • Print Multiple: Modify name/ tooltip
  • Remove Title Properties Accordion
  • Ribbon: commands need keyboard shortcuts, and underline removed
  • Text Editor: Change text editor sigma icon
  • Update Icon: Save to Multi-Sheet Excel File
  • Welcome dialogue: Improve the usability when file fails to open


  • Crash when loading InApp messages and Geode servers on separate threads
  • Graph Legend: Inability to change link to new worksheet when opening an older file.
  • Internal error when loading a CSV/XLSX as a grid file using DICOM filter
  • Move or Copy page: 3D graph shifts after copy
  • Move or Copy Pages: Object Manager shows wrong information after copy
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