I have a single-user license. Can I change it to a concurrent-use license?

Golden Software's Strater, Surfer and Grapher programs offer two types of licensing: single user and concurrent use. If you own a single user license and would like to convert that license to a seat in a concurrent-use license, you may do so at a 1:1 trade in ratio with a discounted price.  The discount is the value of a current single-user license (all pricing can be found here).

To convert your single user licenses: 

  1. Email with the list of single user license serial numbers or product keys you wish to convert to seats in a concurrent-use license. 
  2. We will generate an estimate for you to review and approve. 
  3. Submit payment
  4. Your order will be processed, and you will receive your concurrent-use license via email. 

Once your order is processed, the single user serial numbers used to convert to seats in a concurrent use license are no longer valid and can no longer be used. 


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Updated March 26, 2018


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