What licensing options are available?

Strater, Surfer and Grapher offer two licensing options: single-user licenses and concurrent licenses.

A single-user standalone license is associated with one person and only that person can use the license, though it does come with two activations so that person can install the software on two machines if desired.

A concurrent use license, also called a “network” or “floating” license, is tied to a network. The License Manager or License Administrator software is installed on a license server on the company network. The product can be installed on as many client machines as desired. The end-users then connect to the server to use a seat of the license. The product usage is controlled by the license server and is limited to the number of concurrent seats that were purchased.


Didger, MapViewer, and Voxler are currently only offered as single user licenses as described above.  If you would be interested in a network or concurrent use license of one of these products, please let us know.


Updated March 26, 2018

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