What licensing options are available?

Strater, Surfer and Grapher offer two licensing options: single-user licenses and concurrent licenses.

A single-user standalone license is associated with one person and only that person can use the license.  Single-user licenses can be activated on up to two computers for use in the field and in the office, for example.

A concurrent-use license, also called a “network” or “floating” license, is tied to a network. A license server be setup on the network for license distribution.  The licenses are activated on the server computer and then the software on the user's computers connects to the server to see if a seat is available each time it is started. The product can be installed on as many client machines as desired. 

Pricing for each licensing type for each program can be viewed at:

The Didger, MapViewer, and Voxler products are currently only offered as single user licenses as described above.  If you would be interested in a network or concurrent use license of one of these products, please let us know.


Do you have 20 minutes to talk to us about software licensing?

Our engineering team are doing short interviews with current and future customers about what they like and don't like with software licensing. No prep is needed and everything is confidential. This is for engineering input, not a marketing gimmick.

If you are interested in providing feedback, please email to schedule an interview.


Updated November 21, 2018

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