Surfer Beta Version History

Official version history and changelog information for the current version of Surfer Beta.


Surfer Beta 28.0.121 (Feb 7, 2024)

New Features & Improvements:

  • 3D View: Bounding box (like Voxler)
  • 3D View: Copy/Paste Format
  • 3D View: Fixed color method: add Opacity control
  • 3D View: Navigational 3D triad in corner of window
  • 3D View: Orthographic projection
  • 3D View: Preset Views
  • 3D View: Vector Data: export 3D geometry to (BLN, CSV, DAT, DXF, SEG-P1, SHP) as 3D geometry with Z values per vertex
  • Base from Server: support XYZ Tiles servers
  • Export: Disable or don't show export scaling properties for PDF, WMF, EMF
  • User Interface: updated Surfer and Grapher commands to be more consistent with each other


  • Layout: Distribute: distributes outside the margins when Align to Margins is selected
  • Crash exporting to JPG
  • Crash when starting Surfer
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