Surfer Version History

Official version history and changelog information for Surfer in 2024. 

Surfer 27.2.282 (April 20, 2024)


  • 3D View: Default colormap for Volume render should come from the source contour layer
  • Base from Server: do not validate WMTS servers as WMS servers
  • Drillhole Data Import: warn users if no data is imported in Points or Intervals table
  • Drillhole Data Import: give error when units are not the same (e.g. XY, Start/End Depth, To/From)
  • Grid Data: Drillhole XYZC: Filter Data using XYZ spatial filter
  • Grid Data: Drillhole XYZC: Intervals: always start with the top and end at the bottom of the path, regardless of Depth Location


  • 3D View: 3D Grid: Clipping planes are not working when geotransform is applied
  • 3D View: Export 3D: Z axis labels and arrowhead are vertically squished
  • 3D View: Orphan spinner controls
  • Automation: Color Scale and Scale Bar: the .Width and .Height properties do not update shape or properties in the UI
  • Automation: Grid Data: Loading settings allows invalid gridding method, which can lead to Internal Error
  • Automation: Legend: the .Width and .Height properties do not update shape or Margin property
  • Automation: Map: the .Width and .Height properties do not update the map
  • Base from Server: add/remove Favorite for intermediate layer should add/remove Favorite status for all children
  • Base from Server: drag drop into Favorites should be consistent when adding layers
  • Classed Post/Post map: saving data from Properties reverts map limits to default
  • Coordinate Systems: cannot parse WKT from epsg 27561
  • Coordinate Systems: Clarke 1880 Benoit ellipsoid definition is slightly off
  • Coordinate Systems: EPSG 27291 and 27292 have incorrect units in CS definition
  • Coordinate Systems: EPSG 28354: some coordinates within projection bounds result in transform error
  • Coordinate Systems: EPSG 32632: transform from lat/lon has high error
  • Coordinate Systems: EPSG 3413 does not correctly transform to EPSG 4326 or 32609
  • Coordinate Systems: errors in Robinson projection
  • Crash from Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver
  • Crash when deleting and reordering
  • Crash when loading bad drillhole data
  • Crash while gridding when grid has shared data
  • Drillhole Manager: Importing more tables clears units from existing tables in database
  • Exception when map frame's Limits is set to a large value
  • Grid Data: Drillhole XYZC: Data dependent settings are overwritten
  • Internal Error when changing symbol properties (PostLayerNode.cpp)
  • Internal error when creating alpha shape (LayerNode.cpp)
  • Internal Error when georeference image (Georeference.cpp)
  • Internal Error when gridding data (VariogramModel.cpp)
  • Internal Error when loading drillhole data (DBWizardFieldMapPage.cpp)
  • Internal Error when opening a grid file (TrLattice.cpp)
  • Internal Error when opening/importing a PNG file (RasterLayerNode.cpp)
  • Internal Error when setting coordinate system for layer (UserTransform.cpp)
  • Internal error when setting MapFrame.Overlays via Automation
  • Internal Error when trying to load data with variety of cell formats (XlsxImportFilter.cpp)
  • Internal Error with invalid search (Gridder.cpp)
  • Internal error with module 'ioDatu'
  • Map Scale and Limits change from v25- to v26+
  • Map Scale: Opening a file that contains a Map Scale immediately marks it as dirty
  • Point Cloud layer: points disappear with decreased Tilt, and all points disappear with Perspective view projection
  • Post map symbols don't appear immediately after data column change (requires refresh)
  • Recurring Surfer Warning for Unreferenced Layers in v26+
  • Scale bar: Cycle spacing is different when opened in v27+
  • TIFF file with compression imports without georeference information
  • Vector Import: coordinate system info from WKT files aren't loaded upon vector file import
  • Wireframe from 3D Grid doesn't update Z axis correctly

Surfer 27.1.229 (Feb 3, 2024)

New Features & Improvements:

  • 3D View: Block Render (like Voxler's FaceRender)
  • 3D View: Drillholes: vertical exaggeration should not change the shape of the path/interval cylinders
  • 3D View: import and georeference/orient an image file (e.g. TIF/JPG) (like Voxler's ObliqueImage and OrthoImage)
  • 3D View: Lighting: set lighting relative to view so it follows the camera (like Voxler's Headlight)
  • 3D View: new specular lighting option to control the shininess
  • Assign NoData: assign NoData to 2D or 3D grids above or below a 2D grid surface (e.g. topography)
  • Assign NoData: assign NoData to a 3D grid inside or outside a 2D polygon
  • Base Map (vector): do not change properties when reloading base map file (or give option)
  • Drillhole Manager: access Grid Data for Drillhole XYZC gridding
  • Drillhole Manager: Save Data: include units in the column headers
  • Drillhole Manager: Save Data: save TVD in units of MD, and Elevation in units of Elev(Z)
  • Grid Data: use XYZC data directly from Drillhole Manager
  • Grid Data: XYZC Data: Assign NoData using 2D polygons, 2D convex hull or 2D alpha shape
  • Grid from Contours: Don't allow contour layers as Contour Source
  • Grid from Contours: minimize the 'Contour source cannot contain intersecting polylines with different Z values' error
  • High Resolution Monitor: 3D View: check boxes/expansion boxes in Contents were really small
  • Label/numeric format rounding: 5 should always round the digit to the left of it up
  • Limits/Scale/Axis orientation: should stay same when adding a 3D surface layer to 2D map or reloading 3D surface
  • Save All is a new command to save all open files at once
  • Save Grid: rename the file formats DAT XYZ grid/DAT XYZC grid to DAT XYZ data/DAT XYZC data for clarification


  • 3D View: Fly-through: "Relative to Surface" always treats 3D grids as 2D
  • Crash when changing properties using the spin control arrows
  • Crash when undo
  • CSV Import: more values are imported after special characters that should have stopped the import
  • Drillhole Manager: Error while reloading data from MDB file
  • Grid Data: Loading settings allows invalid gridding method, which can lead to Internal Error
  • Internal Error after undoing breaking apart a surface layer (SceneList.cpp)

Surfer 26.3.269 (Jan 6, 2024)


  • 3D View: Isosurface: Add options for handling NoData interface


  • DXF Import: objects are read as paper space, but in map units
  • Importing ECW file using MTM zones 5-10 have False Northing and False Easting swapped
  • 8-bit grayscale TIF file does not import into Surfer correctly
  • KMZ Import: compatible with Garmin GPS units
  • Surfer hangs (not responding) after a GIF export with spatial reference information saved in AUX.XML
  • Grid-TIFF files saved from Surfer can't be opened in image editor
  • Crash rendering Wireframe after Grid Mosaic
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