Grapher Beta Knowledge base FAQ

1. How do I comment on an existing article?

To comment on an existing article, scroll down to the very bottom of the article, type your comment into the empty box, and click Submit


2. How can I turn on notifications for the knowledge base or a post?

You can "follow" the knowledge base space to receive notifications when a new article and/or comment is added. On the Grapher Beta knowledge base space, click the Follow button in the upper right corner. In the drop down list, select New posts to receive notifications only when new posts are added to the knowledge base space, or select New articles and comments to receive notifications when new articles are added and when new comments are added to any article.

You can "follow" a specific article to receive notifications only when comments are added to that article. On the article page, click the Follow button in the upper right corner. You will be notified when a comment is added to that article.

If you wish to stop following an article or the forum knowledge base space, click the Unfollow button in the same location you found the Follow button in. You will no longer receive notifications when a comment is added to that article or when a comment or article is added to that space.


3. How can I find my comments?

You can find your comments in your support account. After logging into your support account, click on the button with your name on it in the upper right corner, and click My Activities from the drop down list. Under your activities, click on the Contributions link. You can then click on Article comments to view your comments. See here for more information.


4. How can I edit my comment?

To edit a comment you made, click the cog icon at the top right side of your comment, then click Edit.


5. I’ve sent previous requests for features that are not included in this release. Do you want me to comment or email about all of those again?

You don't need to notify us about these again, we still have them recorded in our database. However, if you have a new suggestion, we'd be happy to add it to our suggestion file!


6. What do I do with the notification emails?

When you comment on an article, you will receive a notification email when that article is updated. Please DO NOT REPLY to these emails. These replies are automatically suspended in our ticketing system, and we cannot control this, so we may miss your comments if you do this. If you would like to reply to the comment, do so in a comment on the article itself, or contact us, referencing the specific article. Feel free to delete the email, it will not affect the article in any way.


Updated February 2023

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