Solutions to grayed out Usage Information tab in the License Administrator

To effectively manage and monitor your Golden Software licenses, it's essential to access the usage information. This guide provides insights into accessing this data, understanding potential issues that may prevent you from viewing it, and solutions to address these challenges.


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Prerequisites for Accessing Usage Information

Common Issues and Solutions

Outdated License Administrator Version

Incorrect Log File Path on 32-bit Systems

Custom Default File Location for Logfile

Additional Support

Prerequisites for Accessing Usage Information

To view usage information, ensure you're running the License Administrator with admin rights on the local server computer. Note that this information cannot be accessed from a client computer connected to the server.


Common Issues and Solutions

Please read the following information to diagnose and find solutions for common reasons that can cause this the Usage Information tab in License Administrator to be grayed out.

1. Outdated License Administrator Version

Issue: The Usage Information tab is greyed out because you're using an older version of the License Administrator.

Solution: Update your License administrator by downloading the latest License Administrator from the Golden Software download page.

2. Incorrect Log File Path on 32-bit Systems

Issue: On a 32-bit operating system, the log file path might be incorrectly defined. (Note: 32-bit support was discontinued in 2023 due to security compliance issues.)

Solution: The default usage log file location is defined based on a 64-bit operating system. To define the correct log file path for a 32-bit system.

  1. Click the Settings tab in the License Administrator.
  2. In the License usage log file field, click Edit.
  3. Enter C:\Windows\System32\lservsta into the box and click the Save button.

3. Custom Default File Location for Logfile

Issue: The system administrator might have set a different default location for the logfile.


  1. Open your Windows Control Panel and navigate to System and Security\System.
  2. Click the Advanced system settings option.
  3. In the System Properties dialog, on the Advanced page, click the Environment Variables button.
  4. In the Environment Variables dialog, scroll through the list in the System variables section and click on LSERVOPTS, if present.
  5. Look for "-l <usage-log-file>" in the LSERVOPTS value. Make note of the path shown after the "-l".
  6. Open the License Administrator and click the Settings tab.
  7. In the License usage log file field, click the Edit button.
  8. Enter C:\Windows\System32\lservsta into the box and click the Save button.

If the LSERVOPTS environment variable is not defined, the location of the logfile may have been defined by the software distributor that last provided RMS server software.

Additional Support

For further clarity or assistance regarding accessing usage information in the License Administrator, please reach out to our dedicated Customer Success Team. We're here to ensure you have a seamless experience with Golden Software's licensing tools.

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