Where can I find my Surfer serial number or product key?

There are many locations where you can find your Surfer product key or serial number. 

  1. Your Golden Software user account:
    Log into your My Account portal and click the My Products button or (or the My Products link on the left). Click on the Surfer version to expand it, and your registered serial number or product key is displayed.

  2. Download instructions:
    If you received download instructions from our sales department at the time you purchased the software, the serial number or product key was included in that email.

  3. In the program: Beginning with version 13 of Surfer, you can find your product key by clicking the File | License Info command. The Product Key is listed on the top line, as shown below.

Serial numbers only: 

  1. In Surfer versions 7-12 of Surfer, you can find your serial number by clicking Help | About Surfer.The About dialog box will show the serial number at the bottom, as shown below.

  2. Label on the installation CD sleeve:
    If you have an older version of Surfer and got a CD shipped to you, starting in 2011, the serial number is located on the sticker label on the installation CD sleeve.

  3. Registration card:
    The serial number is on the registration card glued either on the CD sleeve (for software purchased in late 2009 or 2010), or inside the front cover of your User's Guide, Getting Started Guide, or Quick Start Guide (for software purchased before mid-2009).

Updated April 30, 2019

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