Where to find Surfer script examples

There are several locations that we provide sample scripts to aid users in automating Surfer workflows.  Each of the locations where example scripts are kept are provided below.


In the Program:

  • Full script samples are included with Surfer. Scripts are located in the C:\Program Files\Golden Software\Surfer\Samples\Scripts folder.
  • Full script samples and snippets for all methods and properties are also included in the program's help file. Click the  icon in the upper right hand corner of the Surfer window to open the help, or navigate to http://surferhelp.goldensoftware.com/Scripter/Introducing_Scripter.htm in a web browser.


On the Web:
Download Surfer scripts from the Surfer Automation knowledge base. Below is a list of the most popular scripts that are posted in our Surfer Automation knowledge base. 


Updated November 2021

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