Solutions to the trial version of software requesting a product key

The trial begins as soon as you've installed the software, and you can only use the trial once. If you have previously downloaded and installed the current Surfer, Grapher, or Strater trial on your computer, you will be unable to do so again. 

Security or permissions settings on your computer can cause the trial to show as expired even if you downloaded the trial in the allotted 2 weeks and have never used it before. If this is happening to you, please complete the steps below and then send us the information so we can generate a new trial license for you.

  1. Click the Create support file link in the bottom right hand corner of the Enter Product Key or Licensing dialog. 

  2. Save this file to your desktop or other desired location.
  3. Email this file to so we have all of the information we need to generate a new trial license for you.


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