Upgrade single user license to the latest version

This article applies to Surfer version 15.4+ and Grapher 13.2+.

Surfer and Grapher users with active software maintenance or an active software subscription are entitled to an assortment of benefits. One such benefit is free access to the latest new features as they are released. To update your software with a single user license to the latest version, follow the instructions below.

To update a concurrent use license, see: How do I upgrade my concurrent use license to the latest version if my maintenance is active?


Single user license on a computer with internet access

  1. Start the program and click File | Online | Check for Update.
  2. A window will appear stating that an upgrade is available.
    • If your software maintenance is expired, you will receive a message that a new version is available but your license is only valid for <software version>.
    • If you receive a message that you have the most recent version installed but you know a new version was released, it is possible that security settings are preventing communication with our servers.  See Whitelisting Golden Software domains for more information.
  3. Click OK to start the upgrade process.
  4. Close the program to allow the software update to install.



Single user license on a computer without internet access

  1. Start the program and click File | License Info.  You should see red text reading "Unable to contact the activation server"
  2. Click Offline update
  3. In the Offline License Update dialog, your product key should automatically be filled in to the Step 1 field.
  4. Click the Create a License Update Request file link in Step 2. 
  5. Save the file, transfer it to an online computer, and contact us with the file.
  6. You will receive a new license file by email with instructions for how to complete the license update.  
  7. After completing the license update, download the latest version of the program installer.
  8.  Transfer the installer file to your offline computer.
  9. Run the software installer and check the box to uninstall the previous version when prompted.


Updated May 2022

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