What is software maintenance and why should I renew?

Software maintenance ensures you receive free live and priority technical support and the most up-to-date versions of Golden Software's perpetual license of Surfer or Grapher products.

We include your first year of maintenance when you purchase a new product license of Surfer or Grapher. Thereafter, renew your annual software maintenance to receive the below benefits: 

  • New Releases: Receive free upgrades to new versions. New versions include feature enhancements, improved performance, as well as new functionality. 
  • Priority Technical Support: Contact us anytime via telephone, email or chat. We will get your questions answered right away.
    You can also schedule a zoom meeting with one of our software experts to take a look at your project at a time that works best for your busy schedule.
  • Free PDF User's Guide: Log in to My Account to download the latest PDF user guide.
  • Priority Notifications: Be among the first to know about exclusive Golden Software deals and promotions.
  • Beta Program: Be the first to use new features in the beta versions of our software.
  • Predictable Budgeting: Include predictable annual payments into your budget planning cycle. See pricing

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What if I don't want to renew my maintenance? 

Your perpetual license itself will never expire, however, your software maintenance will. If you are more than three years past your renewal date, your software maintenance will permanently expire. This means a new license would need to be purchased to gain access to the benefits of software maintenance, including access to the current version. 


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Updated February 2022

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