Licensing options for Surfer, Grapher and Strater

Golden Software offers our software solutions as both single-user and concurrent use licenses with monthly subscription, annual subscription, and perpetual + maintenance license terms.


Single User License

A single user standalone license is associated with one person and only that person can use the license.  Single-user licenses can be activated on up to two computers for use in the field and in the office, for example. This license type is recommended for individuals, small teams without IT support, and power-users that require the software for daily work.

Concurrent Use License

A concurrent use license, also called a “network” or “floating” license, is tied to a network. A license server must be setup on the network for license distribution.  The licenses are activated on the server computer and then the software on the user's computers connects to the server to see if a seat is available each time it is started. The product can be installed on as many client machines as desired. This license type is recommended for large teams with IT support and teams using remote desktop solutions.


For Surfer and Grapher, both licensing options are available as a software subscription or a perpetual license with software maintenance.  The cost of maintenance is included in the subscription license price.  For perpetual licenses, software maintenance is a separate annual service requiring annual renewal.


Pricing for all license types and software programs we offer can be viewed here:


Note: Strater is only offered as a perpetual single-user or perpetual concurrent use license. Strater is sold as-is with no future development planned.

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