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Surfer volume when upper level doesnt intersect


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    Brittney Ferrari

    Hi Ashley,
    Surfer is calculating the volume above 32m as a positive volume, and the total volume is a measure of the total volume of both positive and negative volumes above or below the surface. In your situation, since the Upper Surface is completely above the Lower Surface then the volume is all positive volume. This volume is the total space between the bottom grid file and the upper surface defined at 33m. The XY boundary of the calculation is defined where the two grids overlay vertically.
    Generally speaking, net volumes are the positive (cut) volume minus the negative (fill) volume. To visualize net volume, consider a construction site where the topography must be graded to a flat surface prior to the beginning of construction. The upper surface represents the current topography, and the lower surface represents the final graded site elevations. In some places, cut must be made into the current topography to remove earth to the level of the final site. In other areas, earth may be needed to fill in areas where the current topography is below the elevation of the final site. The net volume is the difference between all cuts and all fills. If the volume is positive, earth needs to be removed from the site to achieve the final level. If the volume is negative, earth needs to be hauled into the site to achieve the final planned grade for the site.

    Further information about how Surfer calculates volumes can be found here:

    Please let me know if you need anything else and I will be happy to help.

    Brittney Ferrari
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