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Calculate Volume of an Excavation


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    Justine Carstairs

    Hi Barry,

    Both grids need to have the same X and Y minimum and maximum values, and they must both have the same number of grid nodes/grid spacing in each direction. The shape of NoData areas within each grid files doesn't limit your ability to perform Grid Volume operations between two grid files. Just note that a Grid Volume operation in which one or both of the input grid nodes have a NoData value will also give a NoData value result for that node, and therefore will affect the calculated volume. You can read more about resizing grids for the Grid Volume and Math tool here: https://support.goldensoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/226663108-Resolve-Error-Grids-must-be-the-same-size-In-Surfer

    Surfer also allows you to limit the calculation of the volume to within a polygon boundary. The polygon can either come from a vector file (SHP, BLN, DXF, etc), or you can just draw one into an empty base layer in the map frame. We have a webinar on calculating volumes in Surfer that you might find useful: Surfer Webinar: Optimize Volume Calculations



    Justine Carstairs
    Golden Software


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