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The coordinate has wrong range when I export file.



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    Katie Yoder

    Hi Sangjune,


    The reason that your BLN file is exporting with the wrong coordinates is because there is a non-map object in the project.  To export the map with map coordinates, complete the steps below.

    1. Click the Map in the Object Manager to select it.
    2. Click File | Export.
    3. In the Export dialog, check the box next to Selected objects only.
    4. Enter a name for the file and click Save.
    5. In the Export Options dialog, ensure the File Rectangle coordinates correspond with your real map limits.
    6. Adjust the Spatial References and BLN Options as desired and then click OK.


    If the above steps do not work for you or if you need to include non-map objects in the export, there is a more involved workflow that can be used to force Surfer 11 to export the map in map units.  The steps required to complete this process are provided below.

    1. Select the Map in the Object Manager. This is the map you want to use for the export coordinates.
    2. Click File | Export.
    3. We are going to export this to a dummy file, saving the map units. Choose to export as a whatever file format you wish, check the Selected objects only check box, give the file a name (ie. Dummy.dxf) and click Save.
    4. In the Export Options dialog, 
      1. choose Scaling source to be Application,
      2. verify that the File Rectangle units are in map units, 
      3. and check the Save scaling info check box.
      4. Click OK and the dummy file is created.
    5. Now we can export the entire project to a new file in correct units. Click File | Export.
    6. Choose to export as a new file, do not check (uncheck) Selected objects only, give the file a name (ie. Real.dxf) and click Save.
    7. In the Export Options dialog, choose Scaling source to be Saved and the File Rectangle units will be converted to the ones saved previously (they will be converted from inches to real map units).
    8. Click OK and the real file is created.

    I also want to let you know that the scaling source options have been updated so that it is now much easier to ensure Map units are used when exporting even non-map objects.  The article How can I draw objects and export them from Surfer in map units? provides an example of how this process has been updated.  To gain access to this and all other new features in Surfer, all valid serial numbers can be upgraded for only $279.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance!

    Katie Yoder
    Technical Support

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    Sangjune Lee

    It works !! Thanks, I really appreciate your assistance, Katie.

    Can't believe I spent the whole day just because of missing that check box. Hope you have a nice day!

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