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how can I skip header when grid a data file?



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    Justine Carstairs


    Although Surfer can be run using Python, we do not explicitly support this so are unable to provide any support for scripting in this language. We do support automation of Surfer using Scripter, so I will answer your question with reference to this language.

    The GridData method has been superseded by GridData4, which allows you to specify DataFileOptions such as excluding header rows. The StartRow option allows you to specify which line to begin data import on. The lines of code might look something like this:

    SurferApp.GridData4(DataFile:="c:\temp\book1.xlsx",DataFileOptions:="StartRow=3", Algorithm:=srfKriging, ShowReport:=False, OutGrid:="c:\temp\sheet2.grd")

    Surfer does not have an API, but you can run it using any ActiveX compatible language. For support documentation, please refer to our Online Help and Automation Knowledge Base.




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    Thank a lot! I use the surfer object hierarchy in the online help.And those can be used in Python way! Now I can handle many features of surfer with Python.


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