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Single color scale for several maps arranged in a figure



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    Justine Carstairs

    Hi Tayeb,

    It's not currently possible to assign a colormap for all map layers at once, you would need to do it layer by layer. I will add your vote for this functionality to our feature request file. To give all of your layers the same colormap, you need to make sure the Data Min and Max are the same for each layer's colormap. In Scripter, the code might look something like this:

            ContourLayer.FillForegroundColorMap.SetDataLimits (DataMin:=30, DataMax:=70)
    ContourLayer2.FillForegroundColorMap.SetDataLimits (DataMin:=30, DataMax:=70)
    ContourLayer3.FillForegroundColorMap.SetDataLimits (DataMin:=30, DataMax:=70)

    Note that the minimum and maximum values from the colormap are derived from the Minimum contour and Maximum contour for each contour layer. So, if you wanted to have an identical color scales for each layer so that one colorscale object could represent all layers, you also need to have matching contour minimum and maximum values between the layers.

    If this is the kind of thing you do often, you might find it more convenient to write a script that loops through all of the objects in an SRF project, updating the contour levels and colormap settings for each contour map it finds, then turning on the colorscale object at the end.



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    Tayeb Raziei

    Hi Justine,

    Good suggestion, I think it is possible to create an identical color scale for all lyers following your suggestion. I will try it.

    Thanks and best wishes


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