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Setting vertical scale in Strata Borehole view!!??


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    Brittany Bodane

    Hi Chris,

    Thank your for sending your question. Strater automatically creates logs to fill the entire page space. Typically, when there is extra page space, it is due to a drawn object that may have its visibility turned off. 


    Please try the following:

    1. Click View | Display | View Properties. 
    2. In the Property Manager in the View Properties section, switch the Log display mode to Page view. 
    3. Click and drag your mouse to draw a selection box around the entire empty space, then press DELETE on your keyboard. 
    4. Back in the Property Manager, switch the Log display mode back to Full view then again back to Page view to have the log redraw. 

    If this does not work, please send your Strater project file to support@goldensoftware.com for further assistance. 

    Thank you,


    Technical Support

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