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    Katie Yoder

    Hello Hassan,

    It sounds like you would like to illustrate the ground water level in 3D using this data.  If that is correct, you can import this data and display it as a 3D scatter plot by completing the steps below.

    1. Click File | Import.
    2. In the Import dialog, select your file and click Open.
    3. In the Property Manager, set the Output type to Points.
    4. In the Worksheet Columns section, set the X coordinatesY coordinatesZ coordinates, and Components to the appropriate worksheet columns.  Based on your example date, the X and Y would be Easting and Northing, the Z depth, and the Components one of the measurement columns.
    5. In the Network Manager, right click your data module and select Graphics Output | ScatterPlot.

    The imported data can also be gridded and displayed using one of the many other 3D modules as described in the help as well as several training videos and webinars.

    Katie Yoder
    Technical Support

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