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How do I stop a Voxler isosurface plotting outside my data bounds


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    Justine Carstairs

    Hi Brad,

    It's not currently possible to constrain gridding in Voxler to stay within certain boundaries - gridding in Voxler always proceeds over a cubic area. I will add your vote for this functionality to our feature request file. However, you are able to remove areas from the isosurface on one side of a 2D surface by following the steps in this article: How Do I Assign A Null Value To A Lattice Above An Irregular Topography Surface In Voxler? You could use a 2D surface created in Surfer or another program to do this. You may also find using an anisotropic search radius helps to give more accurate results in Voxler. You might find this article helpful: Maximizing Voxler's Gridder To Match Your Data.




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