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Sampling data with GRD file


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    Brittany Bodane

    Hi Roberto,

    Thank you for your post. If I understanding your question correctly, it sounds like you would like to change the projection of a grid file, then exact a sample of points from the newly projected grid. 

    This is already possible in Surfer using the Grids | Edit | Project command. You can use the Grids | Resize| Extract command to take just a subset from any grid. 

    More information about both of these commands is available in Surfer's Help:


    If by "storing the sampled values" you mean you need to compute the Z value from interpolated grid points, this can be done using the Grids | Calculate | Point Sample command. 

    If none of this is what you are asking, please clarify as I would be happy to assist. Feel free to email us at support@goldensoftware.com for additional support. 



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