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Grid Data import Problems


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    Katie Yoder

    Hi Nele,

    The error stating that the values must be less than or equal to 3.40xxxE+038 indicates that your Z values (7.0741E+205) are too large for Surfer to process.  This error has nothing to do with the file size.  There is not a hard limit on the file size that Surfer can process.  Instead, the memory on the computer typically limits the size of the files that can be used. Do you have any real data in this TXT file that truly have values as large as 7.0741 x 10^205?  If not, is it possible that this is a null data value of some kind?

    You mentioned that the TXT file you're working with is a digital elevation model.  If this is a TXT grid file, Surfer 13 and newer versions support text grids and this file could be used directly to create a map.  Please try clicking the Home | New Map | <map type> command and selecting the TXT grid to see if this is grid file that Surfer can map.



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