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Problem import files


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    Katie Yoder

    Golden Software does not develop or support Lorenz detectors or the scripts provided with these instruments. Please contact the manufacturer for questions about the scripts or data interpretation.

    Based on the screen shot provided, it looks like the script provided by Lorenz may be adjusting the scale and position of the maps.  If you would like to change the scale and position of the maps, this can be done by following the steps below in Surfer 11.

    1. Click the Map in the Object Manager.
    2. Click Arrange | Transform.
    3. In the Transform dialog, check the Identity (Clear Transforms) box and then click OK.
    4. Click the Scale tab in the Property Manager.
    5. Adjust the Length (page units) in the X Scale or Y Scale section to resize the map as desired.
    6. Click and drag the map to the desired position on the page.



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