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Graph matrices in Grapher



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    Leslie McWhirter

    Hello Roger,

    I believe you're referring to the Scatter Plot Matrix script available here: https://support.goldensoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/231555508-How-can-I-write-a-Grapher-script-to-plot-a-scatter-plot-matrix-from-a-user-defined-data-file-. The article describes how to run the script and the comments in the script itself describe what the lines of script are doing. All you need is a data file.

    Open the data file and make note of the number of variable columns, the first row of data, and the last row of data.

    When you run the script, the first thing that happens is it will prompt you for your data file. Next you're prompted for the number of variables in the data file. Then you're prompted to enter the first row of data, followed by a prompt for the last row of data. Lastly you're asked how big you want the matrix to be (in inches).

    At this point, the script runs. Say you had 4 variables. The output is a 4x4 table/grid/matrix of plots, where the plots along the diagonal are histogram plots of each variable column, and the other plots are scatterplots of the variables against one another. The output is something like this:



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    Roger Fidler

    Thanks.  Works well.



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