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Calculating volume change between grids - linear data


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    Leslie McWhirter

    Hello Pia,

    Surfer doesn't make any assumptions about your data. The volume is calculated purely as x*y*z, so if your x and y were collected as decimal degrees, then your volume will be degrees^2 * z units. If your x,y units are in a local system but were measured in units different from your z units, you can use the steps here to set the units for your layer https://support.goldensoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/226806888-Can-I-change-the-XY-units-on-my-Surfer-map-for-example-convert-meters-to-feet-. After doing this, you can select the Map and click the Change button on the Coordinate System page in the Property Manager to change the units for the map to the desired units that your depth is measured in. This will be done in the same way the units were set for the map layer.


    Leslie McWhirter

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