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Base map adjustments via Scripter



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    Leslie McWhirter

    Hello Kamil,


    In the UI you are prompted when you load the base layer onto the map with a dialog asking if you want to expand the map limits to include the new layer. You will not get this from automation, but you can get the same result by storing the limits of the map before adding the base layer, and then after adding the base layer and changing the image limits and coordinate systems, change the map limits back to those stored limits.




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    Kamil Kulak

    Hi Leslie,

    thank you so much for responding promptly. Could you help with one more thing please? 

    I must have misunderstood some basic Surfer/Scripter concepts, but I'm unable to write following automation script:

    1. Add post map

    2. Create custom coordinate system

    3. Assign newly defined coordinate system to mapframe/shape object created in first step.

    While the former part is pretty straightforward, the latter (2st and 3rd) is not, even that I were looking for solution in:

    - official Surfer/Scripter Help (mainly around MapFrame Object)

    - Scripter examples (${SURFER_INSTALLATION_PATH}/Samples/Scripts/)

    - Google (btw, you've changed forum url, and that's why every single link from google redirects to https://support.goldensoftware.com/hc/en-us/community/topics. I couldn't find old pages even in google cache :/)

    Please see the attached code (Surfer 12.8):






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