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Using PNG image layers and GSR2 files


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    Kari Dickenson

    Hi Bill,

    If the PNG file was saved with transparency, then when you import it into Surfer the transparency is automatically applied to the image. This is different than setting layer transparency for the Base layer or the image in Surfer itself.

    Be sure you click Map | New | Base Map, select the PNG and click Open. The PNG is imported using the colors and opacity saved within the file. If you are not seeing this, please email me the PNG file and the SRF file that shows the wrong colors.

    The GSR2 file is simply a coordinate system reference file. It does not tell Surfer how large the map should be in physical units. Can you please email me the exact steps you do to load this into Surfer? Since you can't load a GSR2 file by itself, please send me the file it is attached to and tell me the exact steps on how you are loading it (are you creating a new map? are you adding a layer to an existing map? etc). If you are adding a layer to an existing map, please send me the SRF file you are adding it to. That way, I can tell you the exact steps to perform.


    Kari kari@goldensoftware.com

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