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Line plot - changing axis


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    Leslie McWhirter

    Hello src100,

    Yes, both are possible. I'm going to provide instructions for doing so in Grapher 12, but please let me know if you are using an older version and I will update my instructions if necessary. To swap which variable is x and which variable is y:

    1. Select the line/scatter plot in the Object Manager.
    2. Click on the Plot tab in the Property Manager.
    3. Change the X column to what you currently have your Y column set to, and set your Y column to what you previously had your X column set to.

    To reverse the order of numbers on the y axis:

    1. Select the y axis in the Object Manager
    2. Click on the Axis tab in the Property Manager
    3. In the Limits section, check the box next to Descending.



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