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3D surface and symbol/layer colors



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    Kari Dickenson


    When overlaying layers on a surface map, they will be blended together. There just isn't a good way right now to overlay a post map on a colored surface keeping the colors of the post map independent of those of the surface. I have added your vote to this request on our suggestion file.

    However, I notice you are looking at the map in plan view (from the top). If so, I highly recommend using an image map in Surfer 13 for this task. The image map in Surfer 13 offers a hillshading option, so it looks shaded like the 3D surface map, only the colors in the post layer are not blended: 

    Alternatively, if you are using an older version of Surfer, you could create the 3D surface map, but instead of overlaying a post layer on top of it (which blends the colors), keep them as separate maps. So break apart the post map overlay. Select the Map with the 3D surface layer in it. On the View tab in the Property Manager, set the Projection = Orthographic, Rotation = 0, and Tilt = 90. Then move the post map directly on top of it. Once you know it's in the exact same position, turn off the axes for the map with the 3D surface in it by unchecking them in the Object Manager. It takes quite a few more steps, and you need to be careful to line the maps up correctly, but you get a good result:



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    Great, thanks for the reply. Quick and usefull as always!
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