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Combining several Maps in one .srf File


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    Kari Dickenson

    Hello Caro,

    You can place them on the map through Scripter too by setting the .Top or .Left property, and sizing them to a particular size. A good example of this may be the GridData_Comparison.bas script in the Surfer Samples folder. It creates 8 maps, sizes them, and places them on the screen. In that example, the Y length for the map was set to 2. The map's Y length was set to the specified ylength value, and the scale was then set proportionally. But if the X length was over 3.5" when it was proportionally scaled, then the map would be rescaled non-proportionally so that the X length was 3.5". Then the map was placed on the page using the .Left and .Top properties:

    ylength = 2 
    Map.yLength = ylength
    Map.xMapPerPU = Map.yMapPerPU

    If Map.Width<3.5 Then Map.xMapPerPU=Map.yMapPerPU Else Map.xLength=3.5

    Map.Left = 0.25
    Map.Top = 10.75



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