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Flip tick marks and labels



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    Sabrina Pearson

    Hi Nada,

    I can duplicate this behavior. I have forwarded it to our programmers to correct. In the meantime, you can add a normal axis and then link it to the desired master axis. To do this:

    1. Click anywhere on the graph to select it.
    2. Click the Graphs | Add to Graph | Axis command.
    3. Set the axis type and click OK.
    4. Set the axis position and check the Flip tick marks and labels, Disable tick marks, and/or Disable labels boxes. Click OK. The new axis is added with the tick marks/labels pointing in the desired direction or turned off.
    5. Click on the new axis to select it.
    6. In the Property Manager, click on the Link Axis tab.
    7. Change the Link axis to the desire original axis.
    8. Check the boxes next to Link axis scale, Link tick spacing, Link limits, and Link length.

    All of the default options are now set the same as if this were created as a duplicate axis. Alternatively, you can add the duplicate axis as normal. Then, change the side for the tick marks and labels:

    1. Click on the duplicate axis to select it.
    2. In the Property Manager, click on the Tick Marks tab.
    3. Check the correct Show ticks on... box in both the Major Ticks and Minor Ticks sections.
    4. Uncheck the incorrect Show ticks on... box in both the Major Ticks and Minor Ticks sections.
    5. Click on the Tick Labels tab.
    6. Change the Labels on side to the desired location in both the Major Labels and Minor Labels sections.



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    Leslie McWhirter

    Hi Nada,

    This was fixed in the last update to Grapher 12, and the fix is present as well in the version of Grapher (13) that was released today.



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