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Associate grid information to post data


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    Kari Dickenson

    Hi Stuart,

    Yes, you can do this using the Grid | Residuals command. It finds the Z value in a grid for any XY points in a data file. It's not quite the same as associated post map points with grid values, but you get the same data.

    To do this:

    1. Open the data file that has the XY point locations in the Surfer worksheet and add a column of 0's (you can use Data | Transform for this, with the function C=0, where "C" is the column letter for an empty column). Save and close the file.
    2. Click Grid | Residuals.
    3. Select the grid file used to create the contour map and click Open.
    4. Select the data file with the X, Y, 0 points and click Open.
    5. In the Grid Residuals dialog box, select the columns containing the X and Y data, and choose the column of 0's for the Z value.
    6. Choose a column to contain the residuals values (e.g. column D) and click OK.
    7. The worksheet will open and the residuals will be displayed in the specified column. The residuals returns the negative of the Z value in the grid.
    8. Use the worksheet Data | Transform command with the equation D = -D to reverse the sign of the residuals in column D to get the actual grid values.




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