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Surfer error: grid and post data



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    Leslie McWhirter

    Hello Nisar,

    This error means your machine doesn't have enough RAM to handle the operation you're trying to perform. Just as an estimate, it takes 400 bytes of memory to grid each x,y,z data point, so you will need a contiguous block of memory that is at least 340 MB to handle your data set. There are various suggestions for working around this message in this knowledge base article: https://support.goldensoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/226661568-Why-do-I-get-an-insufficient-memory-to-perform-operation-error-when-gridding-data-in-Surfer-

    Additionally, since Sabrina mentioned upgrading (below), I wanted to let you know that starting with Surfer 10, we offer a 64-bit installation option, which allows Surfer to use more of the available memory on your machine (if you have a 64-bit machine).



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    Sabrina Pearson

    Hi Nisar,

    Kari is unavailable today, but I can help you.

    Normally the Insufficient memory to perform operation error message occurs when the computer has run out of memory. The only solution on that computer is to reduce the size of the data or add/free more memory.

    The easiest solution is to try to free up memory. There are a few ways you can do this. One way to free up available memory is to restart the computer. Once the computer is restarted, do not start any programs other than Surfer. You can then try to post or grid the data. Another way to free up memory would be to defrag the hard drive and delete all temporary files that are not needed. Windows has some nice utilities for this.

    You can also add additional RAM or hard disk space. If that fails, I recommend trying a different computer that has additional memory, if you have one available. You could also try cutting the data file in half and creating the map/grid from half the data at a time. This often works when memory is not able to be increased. You can then create two post maps and two contour maps and overlay them.

    One final recommendation would be to upgrade. Each version of Surfer has gotten better with memory management. You may want to try the process in the Surfer 13 demo to see if you are able to do it there on your system, as well. 850,000 data points is a lot, but I have used this sized data before in Surfer. Good luck!



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