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Voxler: points to surface


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    Drew Dudley

    Hi Jusego2000,

    Thank you for posting your question. Voxler will grid the XYZ data and create a 3D lattice from the data. You can then add a HeightField and/or Contours module(s) to render the data within the lattice. This will work good for you if your data is truly in 3D. Typically, Voxler users grid data that contains XYZ coordinates and one to many component values; so XYZC data. If all of the points lay on a surface, Surfer would grid the XYZ data and create a grid file. The grid can then be visualized in Surfer (2D and pseudo 3D view) or in Voxler (true 3D). If you would like for me to put together a few examples from your data for you to view in Voxler and Surfer demos, please forward a sample of your data to Drew@goldensoftware@gmail.com.



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