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Why is the API for Scripter/Voxler not backwards compatible?


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    Drew Dudley

    Hello CRIPTGuy,

    Thank you for posting your question and issues. We have changed a few of the properties in Voxler 4 that will require some command name changes in automation. Additionally, we have added new features (like multiple document windows and a worksheet window) that require a few changes in scripting to open documents. For example when an instance of Voxler 4 is started, before view changes can be made an existing project needs to be open or a new project needs to be started. All of these changes require only a minimal amount of changing to Voxler 2/3 scripts to run in Voxler 4.

    One good way to see the script commands for operations that are used in the UI is to take a look at the Voxler.log file (C:\Users\<USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Golden Software\Voxler 4\Voxler.log). This file will contain all of the commands and parameters that are used in the UI and can be easily taken and used in your script. For example, setting the ScatterPlot point size in the UI yields this log:

    10:56:19.232 [560] Command done key <ModifyModule> stack id <101> result <1> 

    Command option <GuiEnabled> <True>

    Command option <ProgressEnabled> <True>

    Command option <UndoRedoEnabled> <True>

    Command option <ModuleId> <4>

    Command option <scatterplotsizenormalized> <0.49>


    These commands can be used in Scripter like this:

    CommandApi.Construct ("ModifyModule") 

    CommandApi.Option ("Module", "ScatterPlot")

    CommandApi.Option ("scatterplotsizenormalized", "0.49")



    If you have additional scripting questions, please feel free to email directly at Drew@goldensoftware.com.




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