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    Kari Dickenson

    Hi Chris,

    Some map types create a color scale bar that has discrete color zones (like the upper image, such as a contour map) and other map types in Surfer create a color scale bar with a continuous color gradation (like the lower image, such as an image or surface map). If you create a map that uses a continuous color scale, you can still set the color gradations to mimic the discrete zones. You would just need to add two color nodes at the beginning and end of each transition, one for the old color and one for the new color.

    For example, it looks like the color breaks are at every 0.25 units. So you could create color nodes at a value of 36.0 and 36.25 and set them to orange. Then create two more nodes at 36.25 and 36.5 and set them to orange red. Repeat for each discrete color you have.

    This might be easiest to do in the user interface than editing the CLR file (I could not download that file by the way). In the Colormap dialog, you can simply click to create a node anywhere along the color scale, set the color you want, and then edit the Value value to place it at a precise location. That makes it really easy to create the a cyan node at 34.25 and another cyan node at 34.5, and then a green-blue node at 34.5 and at 34.75, etc.

    For example, in the Colormap dialog, take a look at the ChromaDepth preset. It looks similar to what you are trying to accomplish:



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