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Strater 2: Sand Fill hides the screen


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    Leslie McWhirter

    Hello BR row,

    When Strater creates a well construction log, it draws each section from the top down in the table. So if your sand has an outer diameter equal to or greater than the outer diameter of the screen, and the inner diameter is 0, if your sand comes after your screen in the table, the sand will obscure the screen. There are two possible solutions to fix this:

    1. Change the inner diameter of the sand to match the outer diameter of the screen.
    2. Move the row containing the screen below the row containing the sand in the table.


    Although it was written for Strater 4, the third section of the Frequently Asked Questions of Strater 4 webinar goes over some common pitfalls when plotting a well construction log that apply to Strater 2 as well.




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