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Importing shp files


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    Kari Dickenson


    In Surfer and Didger, the labels on objects imported from a SHP file are formatted exactly how they are presented in the DBF file for the SHP. There is not a way to reformat the labels besides manually editing the attribute value in the Data Manager or Property Manager (Didger) or the Attribute Table or the Property Manager (Surfer). I will add a request to our suggestion file to be able to reformat numeric labels for objects in base layers.

    Wherever you got the SHP file, they may be able to reformat the attributes in the DBF as well and get you an edited version with attributes in a better format. Another method is to simply recreate the contour polylines of the SHP as an actual contour map in Surfer. To do this, create a base layer of the SHP in Surfer (or import it into Didger), and export the data to a DAT file. Then grid the data in Surfer using the Grid | Data command. Once you have a grid file, you can recreate the contours using the Map | New | Contour Map command.



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