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How to calibrate Tif map which does not have internal fiducial points?


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    Kari Dickenson

    Hi Chuck,

    All versions of Didger require at least 3 points in the image with known XY coordinates. There isn't a way to correlate the longitude on the top/bottom of an image with the latitude on the left/right sides of the map, when they don't cross at the map corners. I have added your vote to the request to our suggestion file to show grid lines extending from the cursor to the edges of the calibration window so you could use those tick marks on the image edges to define your internal calibration points. However, as it is, there isn't a way to line them up. You could try bringing the image into Didger as unreferenced, drawing little crosses on the image where the lat/long lines cross (you may need to draw lines through the image and then break or trim them), exporting the image with the crosses to a new TIF image, then importing that TIF image and calibrating it using the crosses.



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