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Polygon info as labels ?


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    Kari Dickenson


    You can label polygons in a base layer with attribute information, but not geometry information. I will add this request to our suggestion file! If the area was an attribute, then you could label the polygon, but if you changed the shape of the polygon, you'd need to update it manually.

    For example:

    1. Load the polygon file as a base layer in Surfer (Map | Add | Base Layer or Map | New | Base Map).
    2. Expand the Base layer in the Object Manager and select the polygon of interest.
    3. In the Property Manager, click the Info page. You can see the area of the polygon in map units.
    4. Under Attributes, click the Add button, enter the Attribute name as "Area" and click OK.
    5. To the right of the Area attribute, type in the same number as it appears to the right of the Area field under Geometry. You will need to do this manually.
    6. Repeat for all polygons. If you have multiple polygons, you could add the "Area" attribute to them all at once using the Attribute Table (Map | Open Attribute Table, click Add Field, enter "Area" and click OK).
    7. Once all the polygons you wish have their areas as attributes, you can label the polygons. Select the Base layer in the Object Manager.
    8. In the Property Manager, click the Labels page.
    9. Set the Label source to Area and the area is added as a label to the polygons. You can change the font properties if you wish.
    10. If you do reshape any of the polygons, just select that polygon, click the Info tab in the Property Manager and update the Area attribute value.




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