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Grid Node Editor and Post Map


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    Kari Dickenson

    Hi Chuck,

    I will add your vote to the request on our suggestion file to be able to post the original data point locations in the Grid Node Editor window.

    What might help, is you could use Grid | Convert to convert the grid to a DAT file. Then in the regular plot window, create a post map of the DAT file showing the grid nodes (you can label them if you want) and then add another post layer of the original data points. You could use different symbols/symbol properties to differentiate between the two post layers. That way, you can see the differences between the grid nodes and the original data.

    From there, you can edit the grid nodes either in the Grid Node Editor or in the worksheet using View | Track Cursor. For example:

    1. Overlay a contour layer of the grid with the two post maps (you can leave it unfilled if you want) and open the same grid in the Grid Node Editor.
    2. Click View | Track Cursor.
    3. Now click in the plot window on one of the grid nodes that you want to edit.
    4. Click to the Grid Node Editor. The closest grid node to where you clicked in the plot window is automatically selected. Since you clicked on a grid node in the plot window, the same grid node is automatically selected in the Grid Node Editor. You can go ahead and edit the value if you want in the Grid Node Editor.
    5. Repeat, making any changes you wish. I know the clicking back and forth may get tedious, but this method may help.




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